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One off/Cluster Midwife Antenatal Consultations  
Home consultation visits
Charges start from £150 per visit
Subsequent if required, a maximum of 2, will be charged at £120 per consultation
Birth Preparation and Early Parenting
Suggested number of visits:
Includes exploring your choices where you may want to seek a second opinion , discuss care options and birth care planning.  

First time mums, not been to any birth classes


Mothers with prior knowledge or experience

Full Antenatal Care Bundle  
Latest acceptance no later than 30 weeks of pregnancy.
Excludes scans, pregnancy tests and screening.

I will be your Named Lead Midwife responsible for carrying out all the necessary clinical observations and checks to ensure the health and wellbeing of both You and your developing baby for the duration of your pregnancy until you go into labour. I will also be on call for you on a 24/7 basis from 37 completed weeks of pregnancy until you go into established labour and or your care is safely transferred to your chosen Care provider eg Midwife/ Obstetrician . This is to ensure you attend your chosen place of birth when you need to and avoid unnecessary trips.

The antenatal care bundle includes Birth preparation, early parenting and debriefing of a previous birth experience if required. For Birth preparation, you can either choose to attend the With Mother and Child Active birth and Early Parenting Course free of charge or have this privately in your own home.

It is important to remember that if you are entitled to NHS care you can have scans and tests free of charge. You will need to book in with an NHS hospital of your choosing for maternity care and explain to them that you have arranged your own midwifery care for your pregnancy. I will provide you with the necessary documents to support you. It is important that a transparent positive working relationship is quickly established between all health care professionals involved in your maternity care. I will also where possible, be happy to attend the booking appointment with you and any other hospital appointments if you would like this.

Care Bundles, Courses and Consultation Services

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Independent Midwife Practitioner
Sarah Joy Jones

Impartial advice to accompany your NHS service

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