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Complete Routine

Complete Routine  

Recommended if you are an experienced mother and you are not having your first baby.


Midwifery Care for your Pregnancy, Birth and after your baby is born.

Latest acceptance no later than 30 weeks of pregnancy. Excludes scans, pregnancy tests and screening. These can be arranged privately at an additional cost.

I will be your Named Lead Midwife for the health and wellbeing of both You and your developing baby for the duration of your pregnancy , birth and up to 6 weeks after your baby is born. I will be on call for you on a 24/7 basis from 37 completed weeks of pregnancy up until your baby is 1 week old.

I will support you as far as it is within my range of expertise to do so in your choice of place of birth wherever that may be, at home, hospital or in a midwife led unit. I am highly experienced in conducting both home and water birth, including vaginal birth after a previous caesarean. I will provide all the necessary equipment including a fully kitted birthing pool and entonox (gas and air, a mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide).

My care will also include Birth preparation, early parenting and debriefing of a previous birth experience if required. With regards to the Birth preparation, you can either choose to attend the With Mother and Child Active birth and Early Parenting Course free of charge, or have this privately in your own home.

It is important to remember that if you are entitled to NHS care you can have scans and tests free of charge. You will normally need to book in with an NHS hospital of your choosing  for maternity care and explain to them that you have arranged your own midwifery care. I will provide you with the necessary documents to support you. It is important that a transparent positive working relationship is quickly established between all health care professionals involved in your maternity care. I will also where possible, be happy to attend the booking appointment with you and any other required hospital appointments if you would like this

Booking with a hospital for your maternity care is strongly recommended even if you are planning a home birth. This is to provide a back up should either you or your baby or indeed both, need emergency medical attention at any stage during the pregnancy, birth or afterwards. As a Licensed Practicing Midwife Practitioner in the UK I am able to manage the normal childbirth process for both mother and baby from the beginning of pregnancy through to 6 weeks post birth . This also includes early and prompt recognition of any deviation from the normal at any stage of the process and securing assistance/ advice from the appropriate health care professional. In extreme cases this will mean carrying out emergency treatment (of which I am highly experienced and qualified to do) at the time of need whilst arranging for your safe transfer to hospital. I would like to emphasise at this point that this situation is rare in cases where the continuity of care model is truly followed. Most adverse situations can be picked up well in advance and either prevented well before they occur or managed safely. Preparation in pregnancy for the birth and knowing your own midwife who will be attending to you during childbirth are significant protective factors for you. It is important to me that You feel safe and in control of all the planning and decision making, with me to help you if needed.

Primary Introduction and Assessment Visit.

This is sometimes known as the antenatal booking visit. The best time for this is within the first x3 months of your pregnancy where a full holistic assessment of your health and wellbeing will be offered and most importantly the opportunity to have the time you need to discuss any concerns, fears, hopes and expectations .Information gathered at this consultation will be used in helping to plan the rest of your pregnancy care, prepare you for the birth and after your baby is born. For example, if you need to involve any other health care professionals like your GP or obstetrician. Also, if you are wanting to explore choices of place of birth e.g. home, midwife or consultant led birth centre.

Monthly visits up until 26 weeks.

Fortnightly visits up until 36 weeks

Weekly visits from 36 weeks until you go into labour. This will include a 24/7 on call service from 37 completed weeks up until your baby is one week old.

All care will be delivered in the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you. Should you require shared antenatal care with other health professionals e.g. obstetricians, medical physicians, neonatologists and specialist midwives I will be happy to accompany you to those appointments. This will ensure that your care is not fragmented in any way. I can ensure that care options are fully explored including giving you as much time and space as you need to make informed decisions. This will also include Birth care planning which will further help to ensure collaborative working amongst the health professionals involved with your care.

Care in Labour

Having spent many years as caring for mothers and their families from a wide variety of cultures and backgrounds within their own homes , I am very flexible and able to adapt my care to suit your individual needs all the while ensuring the safety and wellbeing of both you and your baby. With my extensive experience in attending women in childbirth over 20 year’s worth! You will find my approach, relaxed and unobtrusive, giving you the best possible chances of achieving a natural and instinctive birth, at the same time safe in the knowledge that I am more than able to manage any unexpected event with you feeling totally calm and in control.

Your care in labour can be provided in a place of your choosing* all be it within your own home, Midwife led unit or hospital.

I am fully equipped and experienced to provide Midwifery Care to you within your own home *so long as the care you need is within my scope of practice as a Midwife. However, if you choose or need to birth elsewhere e.g. hospital or Midwife Unit, responsibility of care would be transferred to those staff members. I would still however act as your support and advocate in those instances.

Immediately after the birth

This is a very special time for you and your new baby. I will help you create the environment you would like , wherever your place of birth may be , at home, hospital or birth centre. All efforts will be made to help you and your baby have the best start. For you to feel nurtured and cared for so that you can provide the best for your baby. A calm unhurried approach with you feeling in control of all the decision making, with me ready to advise and support you as and when you need it.

I will continue to be your Named Lead Midwife for the health and wellbeing of both You and your baby until he or she is 4 weeks old.

Home Visits  

Week 1

First 3 days then alternate days

Week 2

2 visits

Week 3

2 visits

Week 4

1 visit
Note: Daily home visits from the day you have your baby. In circumstances where you have chosen or needed to birth away from home, I will visit you daily in hospital and provide support if needed until your discharge. I will include 24hr , 7-day telephone contact for the first week . Contact will then revert to normal weekday working hours 9-5pm Monday to Friday .  

Midwifery care will include infant nutrition, breastfeeding, communication and new-born development. A very important aspect of your care will be to ensure you make a full recovery from the birth both physically and emotionally. You will have the time and space to discuss your birth experience, and any concerns or questions you may have so that you will quickly adapt to becoming a new mother again at the same time helping your new baby’s sibling or siblings get used to their new baby brother or sister.

I am certified NIPE trained (new-born and Infant Physical Examination Programme) . This means that I am qualified to carry out a detailed examination of your baby. This is to screen for any problems with your baby including the eyes, heart, hips and in boys the testes. Any possible or obvious problems are then referred for further tests and or treatment. All parents are offered this for their baby within the first 72hours of birth. I have conducted many of these examinations for parents both in the hospital and the home environment.

You will probably be already aware that each new birth and baby will be uniquely different. As your Midwife, I will be helping you to be confident in understanding the communication your baby is sharing with you. In addition, learning to recognise when your baby is unwell and knowing what to do, when and where to get help. I will help you tap into and make the most of reliable resources and services available to you. This is so that at the point of discharge, you have developed strategies to manage a larger family with a new baby and have some quality time for yourself.

Care Bundles, Courses and Consultation Services

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