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Welcome to With Mother and Child - a private independent midwife practice

What’s in the name?

Old English or Anglo-Saxon is our earliest historical form of English.

M i d w y f e means to be with woman. This simple definition explains what I am about and what I believe a Midwife should be. Someone who walks alongside the mother in her birth journey through the L a n d s c a p e of pregnancy, birth and parenting.

This is in contrast to our modern fast paced world where time and resources are at a premium.

My With Mother and Child Philosophy

The midwife is an expert in normal childbirth, a guide and support for you through pregnancy and the birth process, no matter how straightforward or complex that journey may be. In fact the more complex, the more important it is to have that personalised continuity of Midwife carer.

I have often compared the intensity and quietude of labour to a stormy sea with waves that build up and disperse, merging into calm waters, only to start up again. Labour can be slow, intense and hard work. Having an expert to help you navigate through, better still someone who you know, and trust can make all the difference.

It is about me as your Midwife being able to optimise the physical and psychological processes that occur during this important time in your life. Past and present emotions, feelings, the environment, relationships, people, events, plans for the future , the list is not exhaustive! All affect how you will labour and give birth.

Giving you that continuity of Midwife care throughout pregnancy, birth and into motherhood will draw out your unique and innate qualities and strengths. My role is to help you draw on those strengths and release reserves I believe every Mother has within herself.

There will be occasions where birth may not be straight forward or go as you have planned. I will continue to support you in these circumstances to ensure that the right environment is created for you to feel safe, empowered and in control throughout your birth experience.

Advising, supporting & empowering through care bundles, courses and consultations.

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