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Terms and Conditions with regards to services provided and their relative costs can be found here With Mother and Child Services link.

Key points to note in summary are the following:

Back up Service

Booking with a hospital for your maternity care is strongly recommended even if you are planning a home birth. This is to provide a back up should either you or your baby or indeed both, need emergency medical attention at any stage during the pregnancy, birth or afterwards. As a Licensed Practicing Midwife Practitioner in the UK I am able to manage the normal childbirth process for both mother and baby from the beginning of pregnancy through to 6 weeks post birth . This also includes early and prompt recognition of any deviation from the normal at any stage of the process and securing assistance/ advice from the appropriate health care professional. In extreme cases this will mean carrying out emergency treatment(of which I am highly experienced and qualified to do) at the time of need whilst arranging for your safe transfer to hospital. I would like to emphasise at this point that this situation is rare in cases where the continuity of care model is truly followed. The majority of adverse situations can be picked up well in advance and either prevented well before they occur or managed safely. Preparation in pregnancy for the birth and knowing your own midwife who will be attending to you during childbirth are significant protective factors for you. This is why I do not offer a ‘birth service only ‘package. It is important to me that You feel safe and in control of all the planning and decision making, with me to help you if needed.

Payment Arrangements

Payment is required in full in order to secure the following services:-

One off/ Cluster Home Consultations :- Prices start from £150.00

Active Birth and Early Parenting Course:- Prices start from £210.00

A 50% non refundable deposit is required to book any single or combination of the With Mother and Child Midwife Care Bundles. The remaining balance payable in full within the first 4 weeks after starting care.

To enable more families to benefit from my service I am able to discuss further payment options over a longer period if this is required.

All Home visits include travel expenses up to a 30mile radius from within Manchester.

Free and discounted services.

If you are considering either one or a combination of my Midwife Care Bundles, I offer a free no obligation Primary Introductory Meeting (P.I.M) where you get to interview me and ask many questions as you want. You can then decide if I am the right Midwife for you.

Please note that free P.I.M s do not apply to the Active Birth and Early Parenting Courses or the one off/ cluster Home Consultations. If you wish to discuss these services further I am happy to do so over the phone or via email and forward details of the course programme to you free of charge.

For my Care bundles I am able to offer a 20% discount if you have already attended one of my courses. Care bundle prices do not include scans and blood tests. These can be arranged privately and priced to you accordingly . If you are a UK Nationals/ residency permit holder, you will be entitled to free NHS care. This means that I can make the necessary arrangements for you to have scans and tests free of charge if you prefer.

Part of your antenatal care includes preparing you for the birth and afterwards, this is done alongside your antenatal appointments at home. You may also decide to attend one of my Active Birth and Early Parenting preparation courses. This will be free of charge.

Cancellation of services and refunds

Cancellation notice

With Mother and Child Midwifery Care Bundles. 4weeks notice required

Active Birth and Early Parenting Courses. 1 week’s notice required

One off Midwife Consultations. 1week notice required

This should be made either in writing to Sarah Jones,17 Derwent Rd Flixton Manchester M41 8TT.

Or via email to sarahj@withmotherandchild.co.uk

Please note that Refunds can only be made if the required amount of notice stipulated above is adhered to. Refunds will be paid within one month from the date the cancellation notice is received.

With Mother and Child Midwife Care Bundles Refund:- 50 percent of the total cost

One off Midwife Consultations Refund:- 50 percent of the total cost

With Mother and Child Active Birth and Early Parenting Courses Refund:- 50 percent of the total cost

Please note that refunds only apply if you have paid for the services in full. Deposits for services are non refundable.

With Mother and Child Ltd is registered in England and Wales. Registration No. 11971034. Registered Situated Office:- 17 Derwent Rd, Flixton, Manchester M41 8TT.

This website is governed by the laws of the country of England in the United Kingdom and any dispute or action arising out of this website shall be determined in accordance with such laws.

Thankyou for taking the time to read this document and once again please feel free to contact me for any further questions or clarification concerning the terms and conditions of my services.

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